Field Closures 11/24/2019

Field Closures 11/24/2019

Cornland Park is closed - AYSO

HRSC grass fields closed, turf fields open. 

Courthouse 7 closed - Richmond Kickers Mechanicville

Centerville 10 closed - CUSC

USC national convention in Baltimore


The Board has voted on allowing ONE member of the VSL member clubs to attend the USC national convention in Baltimore, January15th-19th.  The VSL will reimburse the coach/DOC the cost of the "early...


With US SOCCER "updating" the Goal kick rules, the VSL will follow with U10's also.  The keeper CAN play the defender INSIDE the box, the defender needs to leave the box "as quickly as possible" THEN...

Fall 2019 Game Dates

Fall 2019 Game Dates / Opt Out Date

Sept 7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29, Oct 5,6,19,20,26,27,Nov2,3,9,10,16,17,23,34

Teams are required to be available to on all league dates,  Open dates on game schedules...

New Updated Rules from USSF

North Carolina NO Heading Rule

Please click link to review- (In North Carolina ONLY)


US Soccer Safe Sport Document

US Soccer Safe Sport Document

New "UPDATED" U10 Rules- Spring 2019

10U Division Rules: No heading the ball.

a. Intentional heading will result in an in-direct free kick to the opposing team. Kick Off, Corners and throw-ins are taken like normal.

b. When the...

Goalkeeper Guest Player Rule UPDATED- NEW

 Goalkeeper Guest player Rule update: 9/28/2017

“A team may use a club pass Goalkeeper provided the team does not have a goalkeeper for the game.  The club pass Goalkeeper game day roster limit is...