Kidsafe Procedures

Kidsafe Procedures


VYSA Kidsafe policy requires a background check be performed on every coach, manager, team aide, club officials, and other adults performing duties for a team. All adults performing duties for a travel team or working with the players shall be registered and listed on the team roster.  The VYSA Risk Management registration shall be completed by all adults.


The club Risk Manager shall perform all background checks prior to the first game.  The VYSA Kidsafe Background Check policy manual, Kidsafe Background Check Procedures, and the link to run the background checks via Choicepoints are provided on this page.



1. Upon completion of the background checks via Choicepoints, the club Risk Manager must reenter the VYSA online database and mark each adult record as approved.

2. Upon completion the VYSA Kidsafe Compliance Form shall be signed by the Club President and mailed to the state office.

3.  Clubs not completing Kidsafe Background Checks will be placed in bad standing by VYSA.

4. Club Risk Managers experiencing technical difficulties or requiring passwords and ID during the process, contact Lisa Wilson in the VYSA Office.  540-693-1430


KidSafe Background Check Policy Manual


Kidsafe Background Check Procedures Revised November 2009


Run Background Checks Through Choicepoints


Kidsafe Compliance Form