Appendix 1 Definitions



Club – A Club is a member organization of VSL that consists of at least two active teams.

Age Group – An age group is a group of teams based upon the birth date of the players on the team. The birth dates are calculated from August 1 to July 31 of the following year. The age group of the team is determined by the birth date of the oldest player.

Division – A division is a seasonal subgroup of participating teams formed from teams with similar competitive levels for league play.

Team – A team is a group of players, sponsored by a club, which competes in VSL. A team must have a minimum of seven (7) players on its roster and a maximum of eighteen (18) players. Under-10 teams shall have a maximum of fourteen (14) players. Under-10 and Under-11 teams must have at least one more than half of the players born in the single year designation of those age groups.

Provisional Team – A provisional team is a team comprised of registered players who are members of teams not actively playing in the current season within a seasonal year, which may be used for intra-league play only. It is intended to enable players to continue playing while the team they are registered with is NOT playing.

Official Match Report - The Official Match Report is completed at each game and is used to verify the date, time, teams participating, and score of the match, any cautions and ejections issued, and other comments pertinent to the conduct of the match.

Protest - A formal submission that disputes a point of fact dealing with the misapplication of the FIFA Laws of the Game by a game official.

Referee Evaluation Form – Form provided by league used to provide feedback to the league relative to game officials’ performance, appearance, judgement, etc.

Appeal – A formal submission to question the assessment of fines or penalties imposed by the Rules and Procedures, the Board of Directors or other league representative.