Appendix 2 Kidsafe Program


KidSafe Program

KidSafe is a risk management program designed to foster safe circumstances for every person, and especially every child, who participates in a US Youth Soccer affiliated activity. It is a program to inform all US Youth Soccer volunteers and employees concerning the risks associated with youth programs.

Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) has instituted the KidSafe Program for all its members, which includes all members of VSL. All volunteers are required complete the on-line VYSA Kidsafe/Risk Management form. The information will be kept in absolute confidentiality by the respective club and must be updated every year.

The form contains the following Employee/Volunteer Application and Disclosure Statement:

"I understand that my employment/volunteer position with VYSA or any of its members is contingent upon my truthful completion and VYSA's or any of its members' review of this form. I authorize and understand that VYSA or any of its members may obtain a criminal history report, and that I may be requested to provide a set of fingerprints. I understand that I may be immediately discharged for any misrepresentation or material omission on this form. I understand that pending arrest or closed arrest is not an automatic bar to consideration of my application but it is the intent of VYSA or any of its members to deny a position to any person who has been convicted of sexual abuse, physical abuse or exploitation of any minor. I understand that VYSA or any of its members will take into account the nature of the offense, the date of the offense and the relationship between the offense and the position for which I am applying and any mitigating factors."

The required background checks must be completed by the club prior to the first match. Background checks are accomplished using the VYSA Database Travel Registration System and Choicepoints. The VYSA Kidsafe Policy governs the background check policies for the league.