Appendix 3 Club Representative Responsibilities



Club Representatives (Reps) are designated representatives of member clubs. The Club Reps are the spokespersons for their clubs in all matters before VSL. They serve as a critical line of communication between VSL and their member clubs. The primary responsibilities of the Club Representatives are outlined below:

· Club Reps handle all communication between their respective coaches, players, officers and volunteers and VSL. Club Reps are responsible for all telephone communications with the VSL office. Players, coaches, volunteers, and parents shall communicate with VSL through their Club Rep.

· Club Reps serve as the VSL active membership for voting purposes and decide, as a body, VSL policy, rules and procedures.

· Club Reps bring the needs of their respective organizations to VSL and by extension to Virginia Youth Soccer Association.

· Club Reps receive information provided by VSL and disseminate it to their club Officers, coaches, players and volunteers. This includes schedules and awards.

· They coordinate functions between their clubs and VSL, such as registration, rainouts, reschedules, Rules and Discipline issues, and all paperwork and fees. It is the club rep’s responsibility to keep track of everything that is going on between his or her club and the association. They answer questions and solve problems.

Your Club Reps’ job is to answer your questions and help you with VSL matters. Call him or her when you have a question not answered in the Rules and Procedure manual.

A Club Representative is required to contact either the President or Vice-president prior to a scheduled meeting in the event they are un-able to attend that scheduled meeting. Or the representative or the club rep's club may delegate the rep's responsibilities to another club member. If a club representative or his designee misses two consecutive meetings without notifying the President or Vice-president prior to either meeting, the representative may be dismissed from the board and a new representative requested from that member club. (adopted 04.20.04)

For convenience, write the name and phone number of your club rep here.


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