Section VI Team and Player Registration


A. All players must be registered with the Virginia Youth Soccer Association (VYSA). The VYSA Official Roster Form is prepared and submitted for validation to the assigned VYSA Assistant State Registrar prior to the commencement of the soccer year (September 1 through August 31). Only those players included on a current Official Roster shall be deemed duly registered by the State (VYSA). Changes to the Official Roster must be processed through the VYSA Assistant State Registrar who initially registered the team. Submission of candidates for the position of VYSA Assistant State Registrars for VSL are approved by the President. Once submitted and approved by the Virginia Youth Soccer Association, the registrars are under the supervision and control of the VYSA State Office and Board of Directors. VYSA Assistant State Registrars are volunteers.

B. All players participating in VSL are registered by the VYSA Assistant State Registrar in accordance with the rules promulgated by VYSA in the current VYSA Registrars Manual with the following exceptions:

1. Teams in the U-10 age group shall be composed of no more than twelve (12) players.

2. Teams in the U-11- 12 age group shall be composed of no more than sixteen (16) players .

3. Membership of teams entered in the U10 age groups shall consists of a simple majority of the players being born in the single year designation, age appropriate, of those age groups. One U8 age appropriate and younger players will be accepted for play.

(amended – 9/1/2017)

4. All member clubs must report players playing up more than one (1) year above their chronological age to the Competition Committee Chairman or his deputy before the start of play every season.

(adopted – 07.19.05)

D. A youth player is defined as a player who, prior to January 1 of the current calendar year, has not reached his/her nineteenth (19th) birthday. The age of the oldest member of the team determines the age designation of the team. (Amended 9/1/2017)

E. Each registered player is covered, September 1 through August 31, by secondary medical and liability insurance as part of his/her registration

C. A team/player must be properly registered prior to participation in league activities. Failure to meet this requirement will automatically result in forfeiture of any matches played while improperly registered. The Board of Directors, at their discretion, may also take disciplinary action against team officials who knowingly allow an unregistered player to participate in league match play.

D. Provisional rosters are team rosters comprised of registered players who are members of team not actively playing in the current season within a seasonal year and may be used for intra-league play only. Contact the team’s assigned VYSA Assistant State Registrar for details and rules governing provisional rosters.