Section XVI Conduct


A. Standards of Conduct – The Virginia Soccer League, Inc.. exists to provide the youth of Virginia the opportunity to acquire and develop soccer skills through higher levels of competition. These skills, as well as the individual growth of the players, cannot be nurtured in an environment, which permits confrontation, poor sportsmanship, and verbal and/or physical abuse among spectators, game participants and game officials. While VSL cannot dictate the internal administrative rules and regulations of member clubs, it shall provide a framework for governing undesirable behavior within which member clubs must administer their teams. Players are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the principles of good sportsmanship. Coaches and spectators shall act in a manner that reinforces good sportsmanship.

Under no circumstances shall a player, coach, parent, or spectator enter the field of play during the match, unless invited by the referee.


1. Parents and spectators must be aware that the coach is responsible for his/her actions on the sidelines, and he/she can be sent off the field or even banned from future games for his/her misconduct. Parents must also be aware that they can be asked by the referee to leave the playing site, and if that request is refused, the referee may, at his/her discretion, terminate the match.

2. If any player, substitute or coach refuses to leave the playing site immediately after an ejection by the referee, the referee may terminate the match, and the match will be scored as a forfeit with the offending team losing by a score of 3-0.

3. The referee has the discretionary power to suspend or terminate a match whenever, by reason of the elements, interference by spectators, or other causes, he deems such stoppage necessary. When the referee terminates a match based on the conduct or actions of one team or its player(s), coach(es), team officials and/or spectators, the match will be scored as a forfeit with the offending team losing by a 3-0 score.

4. Member clubs shall insure that these standards of conduct are distributed and understood throughout their club. Repetition of occurrences of misconduct which shows a “disregard for these guidelines” could lead to long term penalties, up to and including prohibition from further participation in VSL play of the offending players and/or coaches. Member clubs which display an inability to comply with the above policies and philosophy will forfeit future playing privileges in the Virginia Soccer League, Inc. for all of that Club’s teams.

B. Termination of Matches by the Referee Due to Misconduct

The termination of a match by a referee for reason(s) other than inclement weather is considered to be the most serious action. If abandonment of a match is necessary, in the opinion of the officials, a full written explanation will be submitted separately by each official and coach, listing the circumstances and details leading to match termination. R&D will review terminated matches and shall provide a report the Board of Directors who shall take appropriate action.